New! The LuxLine LED strip range: cut, plug and… light, maestro!


For the first time, here is LuxLine from LumenTruss™, a range of easy-to-use LED strips. Designed to simplify your life, they are available in 164-foot rolls and allow you to create uniform lighting adapted to the length of your project, the colour temperature of your choice and with direct connection to the power supply.

LuxLine 120V LED strips are an architectural quality light source with a very high power (350 lm/ft), making them a wise choice for spaces where lighting intensity is paramount. With an IP65 protection rating, they can be used mainly indoors, but also outdoors, provided they are not immersed in water or in direct contact with sunlight.

Farewell drivers!

LuxLine LED tapes are designed with LumenTruss™ driverless technology, which simplifies installation. Simply plug them into an electrical outlet or directly into an electrical box. Another exclusive feature LumenTruss™.

Overmoulding: ideal for securing your connection

As LuxLine LED strips can be used over a considerable length, overmoulding becomes an interesting option to protect the beginning and end of the tape. Three options are available to you: the first two are made at the factory at the time of order preparation whether or not you have chosen to insert your LED strip into an extrusion. The overmoulding is then made of a moulded part and its look is more aesthetic. However, if you wish to insulate the ends of your tape yourself, you can do so with the DIY kit that will provide adequate protection.

From warm whites to neutral whites

The choice of colour temperature is very important. In fact, CCT brings your projects to life by helping you create an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation or efficiency. The LuxLine range offers five (5) colour temperatures ranging from warm whites to neutral whites. If you are looking for a warm atmosphere, a 2700 K light source will meet your expectations. On the contrary, if you are considering indirect lighting for an alcove application, for example, or want to create a modern and contemporary look, a 4000 K light source would be ideal.



Installing  ̶  For best results, use a PVC mounting bracket every 6 inches (in.) with LuxLine LED strip: uniform lighting along the entire length, guaranteed!