Shop Drawing: the all-in-one product web app!


Did you know that you can get professional shop drawings including all relevant details of LumenTruss™ products? Besides showing all the views of the product, the Shop Drawing web app sets into a PDF dimensions, lengths, color temperature, connection or choice of installations according to your preferences. Even better, the web application allows you to save your projects, edit them and share them, at any time, like a pro.

Simple and convenient

To access the Shop Drawing web app, please visit and click on the menu, top, right. Choose one of the six product categories: LED profiles, LED strips, power supplies, LED recessed luminaire, luminaire and floor lamp. The desktop version of the app allows you, with a simple mouse hover, to find out right away about the characteristics of our products. By clicking on the model of your choice, the shop drawing pops up. All you have to do is to fill the required fields or select the components needed. Simple isn’t?


An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

When you have technical questions or special requirements to answer, Shop Drawing offers you the option to include the data sheet, installation sheet and order form in your document. Make your choices, then click on the CREATE PDF button to generate a PDF that you can print.


A Perfect Drawing in Every Way

Thinking about suggesting many options to your team or clientele. This is where a shop drawing saves you a valuable time. Knowing the maximum length of a profile or the width of a LED strip with color temperatures, connection, protection rating or mounting type is key information that will allow your electrician, designer or team to make an informed choice. With Shop Drawing, your projects evolve without wasting time. Your new choices are immediately applied. Create a new PDF and print it to get instantly a shop drawing illustrating your product in detail, which you can then share by email.

If you are running several projects at the same time or creating complex projects, logging in allows you to keep all your projects for as long as you like and to come back to them whenever you want. Let your imagination run wild!


A tool designed to make your life easier

On a construction site or on the other side of the world, at your office or on the road, you can view, edit and send your shop drawings by email. Discover the possibilities that allow you to get your projects off the ground.


  • The QR code allows you to open your project from your smartphone wherever you are.
  • View your project in PDF format for direct printing.
  • Editing or suggesting different options for the same product is simple and easy. Just remember that if you make changes, it is important to reselect the technical or installation sheet or your order form so that it can be printed along with your changes.
  • Send your project by email to your contacts who can view it at any time by clicking on the shortcut link included in the email.


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