The new 1450 profile: at the cutting edge of technology!


With its refined and modern look, the 1450 profile is the largest of the 1000 series. Its innovative sliding lens, the Prime, combines power and efficiency. And its compatibility with LuxLine LED strip lights range of LumenTruss™ driverless technology ensures remarkable versatility. Welcome to the advanced LED lighting by LumenTruss™.


Designed for our climate

The great innovation of the 1450 profile consists in its sliding lens design, which makes it a profile perfectly adapted to the rigors of our climate. Because it is sliding, the lens will slide into the grooves of the profile and remain in place, unlike clip-on lenses which, in the long run, are less able to withstand variations in heat and cold.

Specially designed for outdoor use, the 1450 profile has a robust construction. Available in aluminum, white or black finish, this profile can be cut into sections from 2 to 240 inches (6 meters) and can accommodate all IP68 lumen packages that are waterproof and sealed in a silicone sheath. A wise choice when it comes to enhancing the facade or walls of a building by taking advantage of the many installations and assembly options.

A Perfect Match

The Prime lens, which is the latest development in optics technology, provides uniform illumination without light dots. It is the most powerful in terms of light intensity. It creates light effects similar to those of the Opal lens, but with 45% more efficiency and the color temperature is 80% more accurate. You can get a top-of-the-line lens at an affordable price because this innovation is exclusive to LumenTruss™. Another way to preserve your investment!

An Innovative Technology

With LumenTruss™ driverless technology, you can say goodbye to drivers, wire covers and canopies: you can use up to 164 linear feet of LED strip lights and connect it to a North American electrical outlet with built-in fuse or directly into an electrical box. Offered with IP65 protection for indoor use, LuxLine tape is particularly attractive for projects where linear lighting passes through a room, a room or even a warehouse.

ALCOA 6063-T5: An Architectural Quality Alloy

At LumenTruss™, all extrusions are made with aluminum alloy 6063-T5 which provides better heat dissipation and increases the life of LED strips. With the density of 2.68 g/cm, this alloy offers the best aesthetic characteristics after anodizing and meets the most demanding standards in the industry. In other words, it is the choice of experts for architectural applications.

Download the 1450 profile data sheet or go to Shop Drawing to discover all the possibilities available to you in terms of assembly and installation.