The New 3100 Profile: The Essential Contour Lighting!

Elegant and compact, the 3100 profile is recessed and provides uniform contour lighting, downward, at 90°. Its design fits perfectly with ½ inch gypsum panels (and even 5/8 inch!). This premium wall application meets aesthetic or purely safety needs in areas with low levels or poor lighting.

Discreet, but effective!

With a depth of only 10 mm, this extrusion is ideal for contour lighting where discretion and simplicity are essential. It is suitable for both residential and commercial indoor use. Whether you want to light a corridor in a residence to ensure the safety of its occupants or use it for signage in a movie theater or a hotel corridor, for example, the 3100 profile is ideal for night lighting and dramatically enhances the perimeter of a room.

Easy and Accurate Installation

The 3100 profile can be ordered in 96 inch (2.43 m) lengths for easy and accurate on-site installation. It fits perfectly with standard ½ inch gypsum panels and can also be used with 5/8 inch gypsum panels with optional self-adhesive foam strips. The grooves allow the profile to be leveled to the plasterboard using joint compound for an impeccable finish. If your project extends over a length of more than 8 feet, specially adapted connectors are also available. Another advantage: the smooth edge of the profile can be painted in the same color as the wall.

Top-of-the-Range Optics

With such a small extrusion, it was essential to choose a high-performance lens. The 3100 was therefore equipped with the Prime, our most technically advanced lens. It provides uniform illumination without light dots. Besides, it ensures optimal light diffusion; in fact, it is the most powerful in terms of light intensity. And to top it all off, as it is flexible, it can be easily inserted into the 3100 profile… even with large fingers!

The tray receives an 8 mm wide LED light source in three intensities of 4.8 W, 9.6 W and 14.5 W, but it can also receive a 10 mm LED strip. Five color temperatures are available (2400 K to 4200 K), offering many warm and neutral whites with IP22 protection.

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