The new 6500 Profile: hit of the year!

With its elegant round structure, upwards, downwards or combined lighting options, two independent LED ribbons, swivel brackets with a projection angle of up to 180° and a choice of lenses, the 6500 profile is at the top of the creative list.

A profile with unique light effects

Even with a circular design, the 6500-profile insert can accommodate two LED strips for direct, indirect or combined lighting. Even better, these strips can have different color temperatures (2400 K to 4200 K), including LumenWarm (dimmer, 3500 K to 2200 K), to customize your lighting effects, whatever your projects.

An innovative swiveling system

LumenTruss’s ingenious loop-shaped swivel bracket system offers you complete flexibility in terms of the projection angle of the lighting, up to 180°. Choice of nine bright colors that give this luminaire a refreshing look with its modern and refined design. Simply turn the swivel endcap and it instantly changes the lighting angle until the perfect light effect is achieved.

Cutting-edge optics

Multiply your lighting possibilities with seven lenses with specific qualities: ideal for residential or commercial applications. For indirect lighting (upwards), five standard models allow you to customize the desired effect: maximum intensity, optimal light distribution or a wider projection angle to highlight objects in the surroundings. For direct lighting (downwards), two lenses provide uniform illumination, including PRIME, our most advanced lens to date, which offers a solution without light dots and unparalleled power in terms of light intensity.

Did you know?

The 6500 profile is made of ALCOA alloy 6063-T5, which ensures, among other things, better heat dissipation. The result? Besides providing a smooth, aesthetic and corrosion-resistant finish to this profile, this heat-treated alloy will extend the life of your LED strips.

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