Neon Sleeve Top View Flex

Forget about rigid structures! Introducing Neon Sleeve from LumenTruss™, an ultraFlex sheath that can accommodate a LED strip and replace both the LED profile and lens! Made of flexible polycarbonate, Neon Sleeve lets light through and provides continuous and uniform linear lighting, in white or RGB. It is a bold and spectacular lighting concept that follows the contours of objects or elements of your décor, brings out the light through walls and ceilings or, in suspension, in all directions: the creative possibilities are endless!


— Compatible with Warmdim and RGB LED engines
— Designed for professional installation purposes.
— Maximum length: 196 in. (5 m)
— Attractive modern look for wide variety of applications.
— Silicone material, resistant to yellowing and high temperature, can be used outdoors.
— Soft, flexible
— Easy modeling and tensile resistance.
— Professional structure design
— Uniform light, no spots
— Consistent color temperature.