A small base for big plans! The 1900 profile is reduced to the essential, specifically to take up to three LED strips (1), while accepting multiple brackets. This profile is also used within our 4-inch optical tubes for models 7600 and 7650 as well as several other diameters (2). This profile is ideal for the Led strip heat dissipation.

(1) Up to 14mm wide at the center, up to 10mm wide on the side surfaces. (2) Minimum internal diameter of 72mm for direct mounting.


— Accepts up to 3 LED strips, arranged in a 120° angle, offering the opportunity to light on a wide angle.
— The integrated rail offers a wide range of installation and assembly.
— Custom length by sections of 2 to 240 inches (6m).
— Application guide for 10mm (3/8-inch) LED strip or less.
— Designed to meet North-American woodworking standards.
— Made of ALCOA aluminum alloy 6063 T-5 increasing heat dissipation.
— Its use increases the lifetime of your LED strip.
— Compatible with several installation accessories of the 1000 series.


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