Ideal for night lighting and dramatically enhancing the perimeter of a room, the new 3100 aluminum profile is recessed and provides uniform contour lighting, downward, at 90°. It fits perfectly with standard gypsum panels for a seamless finish. This wall application meets aesthetic and safety needs in areas with low levels or poor lighting. Perfect for lighting a corridor in a residence or a hotel!


— Designed to be recessed and provide uniform contour lighting, downward, at 90 degrees. Indoor use for residential or commercial applications.
— Direct adjustment with standard ½ inch gypsum panels and with 5/8 inch gypsum panels with optional self-adhesive foam engines.
— Impeccable finish thanks to the grooves that allow the profile to be leveled to the plasterboard using joint compound.
— Available in 96 inch (2.43 m) lengths for easy and accurate on-site installation.
— Equipped with a Prime lens for uniform illumination without light dots and optimal light diffusion.
— 8 mm LED light source: 4.8 W, 9.6 W, and 14.5 W, with 5 color temperatures (2400 K to 4200 K), also available in 10 mm width in 14.4 W-RGB.
— Designed to meet North American woodworking standards.


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