The ultimate in profiles that disappear completely into the wall surface,
the 3150 is designed to provide downward lighting, 90° angle lighting.
With a longer inner section than the 3100, this profile provides a greater
surface area for light reflection, which optimizes safety applications
in areas with poor or deficient lighting. Choice of two high-end lenses
to ensure optimal light diffusion: the PRIME, which is rigid, or the new
SiLens in flexible silicone, which can be installed with the touch of a
finger. A new feature: it can be used with all type A joiners to build a solid
structure. This profile fits ½" and 5/8" gypsum panels for a seamless
finish. Ideal for residential or commercial applications.


– Available in 96 in (2.43 m) lengths for easy and accurate on-site installation
– Direct fit with standard ½" and 5/8" gypsum panels
– 60% longer reveal than the 3100 profile
– Impeccable finish thanks to the grooves that allow the profile to be levelled with joint
– Choice of high-end optics: PRIME lens or SiLens, made of flexible silicone, which can be
installed with the touch of a finger
– LED light sources in 8 mm (1.5 W/ft, 2.93 W/ft, and 4.5 W/ft) with 7 colour temperatures
(2400 K to 6200 K) and in 10 mm (4.4 W/ft & 5.9 W/ft RGB and 7.0 W/ft HOS)
– Application guide for light sources 10 mm (0.394") or less in IP22
– Indoor use


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