A well cherished secret that we just have to brag about. Meet our magic wand! The 4500 is a slim but extremely versatile display solution. With its ultra-compact size and its complete freedom of lighting direction, and accepting most LED strips1 , you will find many ways to install it with its wide variety of accessories. (1) Accepts LED strips ranging up to 10mm wide.


• Ultra-compact size with a diameter of only 16mm (5/8in).
• All of the 4500 brackets allow adjusting lighting direction along the axis as desired.
• Designed to give a uniform light without hot spots with an opal lens and a strip of 120 LEDs
per meter or more.
• Custom length by sections of 2 to 240 inches (6m).
• Designed to meet North American woodworking standards.
• Made of ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy increasing heat dissipation.
• Its use increases the lifetime of your LED strip.
• Compatible with multiple installation accessories.


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