Here is probably the most customizable light canopy on the market! The 7900 accepts cover extrusions to house a range of LED drivers internally1 , and includes wire covers for easy cable management. It is available as either a 10” long kit, or in the length of your choice, up to 20 feet. You can have custom CNCmachined junction box openings at your choice! (1) The driver's maximum acceptable height is 1-1/4" (33 mm) with the 7920 cover, and 1-7/8" (49mm) with the 7930 cover.


• Custom length by sections of 6 to 240 inches (6m) with the use of the 7920 or 7930
aluminum covers, or in a 10" long kit using the 7950 steel cover (LM22840-50).
• Linear lengths over 20 feet as well as more complex shapes with corners can be
accomplished with the use of joiner accessories.
• The base profile has a CNC-drilled holes for direct fit onto electrical junction boxes; these can
be ordered in custom and multiple positions.
• Will accomodate an extensive range of LED drivers, up to 1-1/4" (33 mm) high with the 7920
cover, and 1-7/8" (49mm) high with the 7930 cover. The driver is screwed onto the rail at the
base of the profile.
• The profile has two internal channels with wire covers for easy cable management.
• Made of ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy increasing heat dissipation.


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