The 8900 “Knife Edge” profile makes the construction of edgeless coves and drop ceiling soffits a breeze. Its direct fit for standard gypsum panels allows for a seamless finish. Two integrated LED channels allow you to add contour lighting, fill space with light, or both. Build complex shapes using corner joiners, tune the light with your choice of LED strips and lenses, paint to match, done!


• A direct fit for standard 5/8" gypsum panels, will also accommodate 1/2" panels with the
installation of 1/8” shims onsite.
• The grooved area allows to level the profile to the plasterboard using drywall mud.
• Two different LED channels, a 90 degrees to focus the light in the cove, a 40 degrees to wash
of the ceiling, Use both for a maximum indirect lighting.
• The LED channels are designed for up to 14mm wide LED light engine. Are to be ordered to
desired lengths for easier installation.
• Ordered in length of 96 inches (2.43m), cuttable on site for easy and precise installation.
• Available for easier installation, 2 types of pre-made corners, inside corner (8901) lighting on
90 degree, and outside corner (8902) lighting on 270 degree.
• Each 96" inch section and corners includes both series 1000 Standard (1261) and 2000 round
Optiflex (2034) lenses and 2 type C straight joiners (see accessories for additional joiners).
• Made of ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy for increased heat dissipation.


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