Light Task

Here is probably the most customizable light canopy on the market! The 7900 accepts cover extrusions to house a range of LED drivers internally1 , and includes wire covers for easy cable management. It is available as either a 10” long kit, or in the length of your choice, up to 20 feet. You can have custom CNCmachined junction box openings at your choice! (1) The driver's maximum acceptable height is 1-1/4" (33 mm) with the 7920 cover, and 1-7/8" (49mm) with the 7930 cover.


— Configurable daylight sensor and motion sensor.
— Daylight adjustment directly and indirectly.
— Regulation of amount of light when absent, resuming automatically by motion sensor.
— Manual dimming available for room light (indirect light) and direct light.
— With LumenWarm dim to warm LED technology.