Truss ID: your orders, quotes and payments at a glance!

With our Truss ID adaptive design application, as convenient as it is secure, you can now download an invoice, view order or quote details and even track the status of your order and payment, whether you are on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Another LumenTruss™ exclusive app designed to make your life easier.

The New 3100 Profile: The Essential Contour Lighting!

Elegant and compact, the 3100 profile is recessed and provides uniform contour lighting, downward, at 90°. Its design fits perfectly with ½ inch gypsum panels (and even 5/8 inch!). This premium wall application meets aesthetic or purely safety needs in areas with low levels or poor lighting.

The new 6500 Profile: hit of the year!

With its elegant round structure, upwards, downwards or combined lighting options, two independent LED ribbons, swivel brackets with a projection angle of up to 180° and a choice of lenses, the 6500 profile is at the top of the creative list.

New! The LuxLine LED strip range: cut, plug and… light, maestro!

For the first time, here is LuxLine from LumenTruss™, a range of easy-to-use LED strips. Designed to simplify your life, they are available in 164-foot rolls and allow you to create uniform lighting adapted to the length of your project, the colour temperature of your choice and with direct connection to the power supply.

The new 1450 profile: at the cutting edge of technology!

With its refined and modern look, the 1450 profile is the largest of the 1000 series. Its innovative sliding lens, the Prime, combines power and efficiency. And its compatibility with LuxLine LED strip lights range of LumenTruss™ driverless technology ensures remarkable versatility. Welcome to the advanced LED lighting by LumenTruss™.

Make way to creativity with the 8800 new profile!

With its straight and refined lines and its possibilities for installation, assembly, rotation and light projection angles, the 8800 profile has everything you need to please and give free rein to your imagination.

Shop Drawing: the all-in-one product web app!

Did you know that you can get professional shop drawings including all relevant details of LumenTruss™ products? Besides showing all the views of the product, the Shop Drawing web app sets into a PDF dimensions, lengths, color temperature, connection or choice of installations according to your preferences. Even better, the web application allows you to save your projects, edit them and share them, at any time, like a pro.

LumenWarm: Dim to Warm

Some lamps manufacturers may boast that their dimmable LED lighting can be controlled using a standard dimmer, but where this claim is borne out, it is likely to be true only when some very narrow criteria are met. Standard dimmers will be underloaded in most LED applications, exacerbating flickering and strobing effects, which, in turn, can drastically [...]

Wood construction reduces stress

Wood has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature.

The KLIPR system has arrived!

The KLIPR system makes it easy to install LED ribbons in a revolutionary way.