Make way to creativity with the 8800 new profile!


With its straight and refined lines and its possibilities for installation, assembly, rotation and light projection angles, the 8800 profile has everything you need to please and give free rein to your imagination.

An innovative system

Surface or suspended mounting, with or without loop swivel brackets, wall to wall installation or with offset walls and ceilings or ceiling to floor, the 8800 profile adapts perfectly to your inspiration. Besides, the hanging mounting kit allows you to adjust the direction of the luminaire, even if it is already fixed, giving you the flexibility to create surprising lighting effects.

An Amazing Range of Lenses

With its unique sliding lens design, the 8800 profile multiplies lighting possibilities with an unparalleled selection of light projection angles. Just slide in a new lens for custom lighting that evolves with your needs:

  • the concave diffuser, with its two finishes (Optiflex and Opal), conceals the light source while maintaining the profile in the background;
  • the flat lens, with two finishes to choose from, provides even illumination while reducing glare;
  • the Prime lens, designed with LumenTrussTM exclusive pointless technology, is the most powerful in terms of light intensity;
  • the anti-glare lens, with its hybrid design, offers beam angles ranging from 10° to 60° including asymmetrical, providing glare-free black light.

LumenTrussTM products: innovation and quality guaranteed

Based in Montreal, LumenTrussTM is a Canadian leader in LED lighting. We manufacture and distribute an exclusive line of customized LED lighting products to approximately 100 distributors in Canada and the United States, while expanding our distribution network internationally.

Made in Canada, LumenTrussTM profiles can be assembled to measure, perfectly harmonizing with all types of projects. LumenTrussTM has always been innovative in transforming light into a true design element. Thanks to our strong technical skills, you can count on us to continue to develop innovative products.


From the specification and design to the sourcing and manufacturing processes, quality controls backed by leading certification authorities ensure that you get a guaranteed product that will perform to expectations.

Would you like to know more about this exceptional profile? Please download the 8800-profile spec sheet or go to Shop Drawing, our all-in-one product app to find out about its possibilities.