Project Profile

Parall(elles) exhibit

Montreal, Quebec
Exhibit Paral(elles), lighten by LumenTruss

Project Profile

Paral(elles) Exhibit, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal, Quebec

Lumentruss was elected to illuminate an exposition at the prestigious Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. We are honored to help to shine light on this exceptional exhibit, Parall(elles) shines light on the exceptional role women have played in the history of design. The 1450 aluminum channel was selected for this project. Several custom shaped luminaires where fabricated. The suspended pendant fixtures accentuate and illuminate the artwork. A black anodized finish was selected to camouflage the fixtures into the dark ceilings. The client also chose to include the Prime lens and the HER reflector to increase the light output. The HER reflector and the custom corners eliminated light leak from the luminaires. The versatility of the 1450 profile was the ideal solution for this project. It enhanced the overall design and intent of the curation team.

Building type: Museum
Featured Product: 1450
Photography: Denis Farley

An exhibition organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Stewart Program for Modern Design.

Curator: Jennifer Laurent, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, MMFA, under the direction of Mary-Dailey Desmarais, Chief Curator of the MMFA

Exhibition design: Odile Gamache, in collaboration with Aïcha Chaouachi, Project Manager – Exhibition Design, MMFA

Installation supervisor: Iris Amizlev, Curator – Community Engagement and Projects, MMFA


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