Say hello to versatility! In addition to offering even lighting, the 1400 allows beam adjustment1 as well as a considerably larger choice of installation options2 . (1) With an aluminum heatsink rail insert installed at different positions. (2) More than 500 configurations are possible!


• Accepts a 19.05mm (3/4-inch) wide aluminum heatsink rail insert at 2 different heights,
offering a choice between 5 different positions of the LED source, which allows changing the
beam angle.
• The support rail offers the largest range of installation and assembly.
• Designed to give a uniform light without hot spots with an opal lens and a strip of 120 LEDs
per meter or more.
• The edge allows recessed installation. To be installed in a 19mm (3/4-inch) groove.
• Custom length by sections of 2 to 240 inches (6m).
• Application guide for 10mm (3/8-inch) LED strip or less.
• Designed to meet North American woodworking standards.
• Made of ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy increasing heat dissipation.
• Its use increases the lifetime of your LED strip.
• Compatible with multiple installation accessories (over 40 options).


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